Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Well Sir Roger as you know I've hooked up with the sultry Transylvanian agent and we're in the top end - Far North Queensland, FnQ, as they like to say. First it was a physics conference in Cairns for the week - subatomic matter, had some good chats with the Algerian at Pittsburgh U and another from the University of Indiana. Took a day off too, grabbed a car and wound through the hills - Fishery Falls, Babinda, Millaa Millaa; apparently Fishery Falls off limits. Mission accomplished though at Ellinjaa Falls and then popped into the pub at Fishery Falls for nosh on the way home. Then a quick change of hotel the next day, a bit of Thai massage for the two of us, a night on the town with a rather delicious Risotto Funghi before a flight the next day via Air North to Gove, also known as Nhulunbuy in East Arnhem Land staying at the Walkabout Lodge. Aptly named as without a car all we could do was walk about, and not very far then between the restricted permit areas and the crocodile infested swamps. Had to content ourselves with a bit of R&R, couldn't even go and visit the Bauxite mine. As we've become fond of saying though, "Wanna Gove? Don't". Didn't take a single photo there and the trips to the Woolworths were the highlight. There is a big festival there starting this week - Gama Festival but needed a car, not even a single tour we could find. Anyway, back into Cairns today and civilisation for the night. I grabbed a chopper out to the reef as soon as I landed whilst the sultry Transylvanian agent checked out the jewelry stores for wedding rings only to find out those liked are made in Adelaide! Tomorrow it's back on a jet to Horn Island for the both of us. You might have heard of that - Horn Island - secret base during World War II. Next door to Thursday Island, good thing given we land on Thursday. We've got ferry tickets and a few days to reconnoiter. We've been discussing the next trips too. Kiribati for Christmas, or maybe Christmas Island and then Cocos and Keeling. But the big trip back to Transylvania in about September will probably be followed by a bit of a Norwegian sojourn. Was to be Greece, but, not sure if it is Drachma or Euros, so, looks like Norway's getting the gig. Sorry missed a post on this blog - Lord Howe last Christmas. Magnificent place. All full or bicycles and birds. Knowing full well you're a bit of a fan of birds. Oh and apparently there are 13 new spiders up here. Maybe Q can send me some bug spray :-) Speak soon Sir Roger.

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  1. Well Sir Roger, good thing I was doing the reconnaissance on TI as that's where the Assange family came from and while many think it a French sounding name it is Chinese heritage. The Torres Strait has a history of Japanese, Chinese and Malay. Toured some World War II sites today on Horn Island, trenches an gun mounts but there's been a bit of a volcanic eruption in PNG so with a code red aviation alert none of the planes are flying, could be here for a while longer as not a lot of transport options. Might have to get you to send a sub for our pickup, although there was a customs patrol boat pulled in here yesterday.