Sunday, May 18, 2014

No Balkan on this one.

Well Mr Bond, it has been a while. I took a sojourn to Norfolk Island and then to Robe, even to New Zealand last week and Indonesia a while back too. But now it is time to get back to business with an exploration of the Balkans almost upon us. Starting in Honkers, I know you love Honkers, then to Amsterdam taking care with the dykes, before it's time to dust off the old Tuxedo in Vienna where the journey really begins. Ahh Vienna, I'm sure it won't fade to grey, and then across Slovenia to Kumrovec, Zagreb, Plitvice and Split in Croatia; staying with President there. Then Mostar and Sarajevo - I'm sure you know that well. No archdukes around these days but maybe you were there in the 90's was it? Then Dubrovnik, a bit of Adriatic cruise before traveling on to Kotor in Montenegro and finally Tirana. A short stop in Ohrid, Macedonia, Skopje and then Sofia. Didn't you know a girl Sofia? Probably many knowing you. And finally Istanbul. Well then a short stop in Dubai and another in Tokyo on the way home. Not long now Bond. I'll be sure and keep the briefings up on this trip, even if I do run into Sofia :-) Ahh and the new wheels are proving quite good, shame I can't take it on the trip with me.