Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clothing range

Suitcase Photography has produced a new travel T-shirt, "Image'n the world", comes in a variety of colours, styles and sizes; available from Redbubble.

A second T-shirt has been produced based on a recent trip gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda. Captioned "This shirt contains 97.7% pure me" with an image of a baby gorilla, the shirt is a desire to help conserve the mountain gorillas.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Travel quests

My upcoming trip is part of a quest to visit a country from each possible letter of the alphabet. There are no countries starting with X. On this trip I will visit countries starting with O, K and R. That will leave me D, P, Q, Y and Z to complete the alphabet.

This quest came about after accomplishing some previous quests:
- To go overseas, the first and most fundamental (completed in 1994)
- To visit Africa, the second, having already visited North America, Asia and Europe (completed in 2000)
- To visit all of the Australian states and territories (completed in 2003)
- To visit South America, the sixth continent (completed in 2007)
- To visit Antarctica, the seventh contintent (completed in 2008)
- To visit 40 countries before age 40 (completed in 2009)
- And now the alphabet quest, which will probably take another 4 years.

Then there is to visit every region of the world and to visit every country. Regions include, for example, micronesia, melanesia, polynesia, southern africa, eastern africa, central africa, northern africa, western africa, south amerca, central america, north america, western europe, eastern europe, scandinavia, south east asia, central asia, east asia, russia, the subcontinent and there is bound to be a few more. In the mean time though, quests could include - complete a continent (other than Australia) - South America is the most likely candidate with Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia (can be done in one trip) then Colombia, Venezula, Suriname, Guyana. Ideally French Guiana (Fr) and the Falkland Islands (UK) to. Venezula has Angel Falls and the amazing Tepuis and Peru and Bolivia with Machu Pichu and Lake Titicaca.

The current trip will get me to country 49 and so the letter P, next trip, will also be country 50. Not really a quest but a significant milestone.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to Suitcase Photography

Welcome to the new Suitcase Photography blog. Be sure and check out for travel photos, videos, stories, podcasts, the ability to send electronic postcards, buy stock photos, calendars and more.